Kamira Espresso

Kamira Espresso


Enjoy a shot or two of rich, creamy espresso at home with Kamira. This stove-top espresso maker is elegantly designed, durably constructed, and is empowering to espresso beginners and veterans alike.

Quick, portable and convenient. It works on any heat source from an induction cooktop to the open flame, whilst being capable of producing full-flavoured, full-bodied, and crema-topped espresso.

With this brewer, you don’t need any electricity. Being a manual brewer, there are no screen to break and no wires to fry. The stainless steel construction will serve you for years to come.

Basic Kamira Instructions:

  • Fill Group head with your preferred espresso grind and lock in position

  • Close Valve

  • Fill the water chamber

  • Open valve and allow water to drain

  • Close valve

  • Place Kamira on Heat Source

  • After 35-55 seconds, enjoy your full-flavoured espresso shot.

The detachable brewing head makes cleaning up after you brew a simple, brief ordeal. With no moving parts or complicated cleaning, it makes it perfect for taking your beloved espresso wherever you go.


  • 1 x Single Stainless Steel Group Head

  • 1 x Double Stainless Steel Group Head

  • 1 x Stainless Steel Kamira Espresso Maker

  • Operating Instructions

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